About Lek & Zoon

Lek & Zn was founded by Hennie Lek Sr. and Hennie Lek Jr. in 1992. It’s the oldest company in the flower trade, which deals with the mass production of flower and plant arrangements. We specifically focus on flower exporters and retailers.

An arrangement for every holiday
We offer you a standard range of specific arrangements for the various holidays throughout the year or for the regular weekly sales. Of course we can also deliver customer-specific products in every desired price range and colour combination.

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Production and storage
Lek & Zn has its own production and storage facility in De Kwakel (North Holland). All deliveries take place from this location. The entire production area is ca. 1200 m² big, including a cold store for 24 auction trolleys or 50 CC-containers (Danish trolley).

Products that must be kept refrigerated are stored in the cold store immediately after production, until they are shipped. Almost all products are purchased directly from the growers and processed immediately to ensure quality.

In the high season we work with up to 40 people. In the extra busy periods, like the Christmas period, a part of our production takes place in Poland, where an additional 60-100 people work for us.

Decoration material
We largely import ceramics, basketry and other decoration material from the Far East ourselves. Other materials are purchased from Dutch importers and producers.

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Transport and delivery
All deliveries are ex Flora Holland Aalsmeer. Transport is arranged by collective transport.